Cold Plunge Chiller

Cold Plunge Chiller

Bropool supplies a high-quality cold plunge chiller Unit for cold plunge , Compact design with fully automatic cooling and heating function. for our ice bath cooling unit which is very popular for cold water therapy. Easy to set up, quiet & automatic operation, excellent reliability, easy mobility with high quality and competitive price.

The cold plunge chillers give you complete control of your pool’s temperature at any season. Bropool manufactures a chiller for the pool which fits for cold water therapy. According to the advocates of cold water therapy, cold exposure improves leptin sensitivity, allowing the body to hear that signal again. That is fit for sportsman cold recovery of muscles and stamina.

Bropoil manufactures cold plunge & spa chillers with a great power cooling capacity and cools down fast. It gets with our new CHILLED technology. Compact Design and Lightweight. For the cold plunge pool chiller which is a very popular use for hydrotherapy. has been used to treat disease, alleviate pain, aid muscle movement, and stimulate the recovery of wounds or injury. Not only for people but also for animals.with proven therapeutic and healing effects.

Our Cold Plunge Chiller​ Styles


Cold Plunge Chiller

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