Cold Plunge Tub

Bropool Residential and Commercial Cold Plunge Tub

The pinnacle expression of cold exposure therapy, The industry’s most powerful motor, highest circulation and flow rates. Premium build materials, all American Made.

Always cold, always clean, hassle free. Feels like a winter stream. Perfect for athletes and health optimizers who want a full cold plunge experience, highest circulation, and durable build. There is zero temperature variation in the unit.

Perfect complement to sauna houses. Commercial grade designs for any use: individual, family, group use, or professional facilities.

Cedar Cold Plunge Tub

cold plunge tub
cold plunge tub
cold plunge tub
cold plunge tub

Stainless Steel Cold Plunge Tub​

cold plunge tub
cold plunge tub
cold plunge tub

Inflatable Cold Plunge Tub​

cold plunge tub

Single person ultra-insulated inflatable cold plunge tub

cold plunge tub

2-person ultra-insulated inflatable cold plunge tub

cold plunge tub

Deep single person inflatable cold plunge tub

cold plunge tub

6-person ultra-insulated inflatable cold plunge tub

Take cold water therapy with you.

Inflatable cold plunge tub is a portable, ultra-comfortable, drop-stitch inflatable tub that has a modular design for easy installation and breakdown. It instills a game-changing habit for top performers to reset their body and mind using cold, clean water.

7 reasons you should use a Cold Plunge Tub

1. Highest flow rate: Circulation is key to breaking the thermal layer and experiencing true temperature.

2. Ergonomic design: Designed to feel like a bathtub with back support. Easily brace your feet at the end and sides of the tub.

3. Easy to get in and out: No high stepping into the tub. No need to squat down. All Blue Cube units are 28.5 inches high for easy access in and out.

4. Comes fully assembled: Fill it up, plug it in, set temp, plunge.

5. Easy to drain and refill: The bottom drain valve means you can drain the unit in less than 15 minutes.

6. Gets to temperature fast and stays there: Traditional Ice Bath temperature drops 11 to 13 degrees per hour. High capacity chilling motors means water stays at temperature, even in 100 degree weather.

7. Comes with an insulated spa cover to keep debris out when not in use.

Why a cold plunge tub?

There are two common ways in which why people all around the world have adopted regular bouts of cold therapy into their daily lives.

Contrast Therapy (or hot/cold therapy): is the act of subjecting your body to bouts of heat followed by cold temperatures. This allows your body to more quickly recover through the act of flushing blood to your extremities (hot) followed by drawing the blood from your extremities back into the body’s core (cold). Repeating this process several times helps to flush muscles and capillary beds of things like lactic acid, necrotic debris, and other things that slow recovery down and prevent peak performance. The heated portion of this can be done through the use of saunas, steam rooms or hot tubs.

Ice Bathing / Cold Swimming: is the act of subjecting your entire body to a single bout of cold water for an extended period of time. Although this has been popularised in more recent years by people such as Wim Hof this practice of using cold water for therapeutic reasons dates back to Ancient Greece, and extends through the rest of history, including in Finnish, Swedish and Scandinavian cultures who combine this practice with the regular use of a sauna.
At Cedar Spring Recreation we’re committed to bringing the best outdoor products to New Zealand and Australia so people can optimise their own health and wellness in the privacy of their own backyard.

Both of these items are most commonly paired with one of our outdoor saunas or hot tubs.

We support customization. Have questions about our cold plunge soaking tubs? Send us a message by contact form or email.