Aromatherapy Sauna Egg

Why should you buy this sauna egg?

After placing the sauna egg between the shower stones , infuse the essential oil , the sauna egg will make the fragrance evaporate more slowly , stay in the sauna for a longer time , and you will enjoy the fragrance of the essential oil for a longer time .

The sauna egg from Bropool Recreation turns your sauna into a real wellness oasis.

It extends the time of evaporation, provides an intense and long fragrance experience and is incredibly practical for infusion with sauna oil or menthol crystals. The application is very simple!

Place the sauna egg firmly between your sauna stones and heat it with you. Then fill the egg almost full with water and add some infusion oil or 1-3 menthol crystals into the egg depending on the desired intensity. And you’re done!

Enjoy your sauna infusion and refill the egg as needed. So that you can enjoy the sauna egg for a long time, we recommend having the egg installed.


  • What’s This For: This Sauna Aroma Bowl suitable for traditional or infrared sauna, it can be used to hang above the sauna stove or infrared heater. You can add aromatherapy oil, sauna essential oils or salt crystal in the bowl, as temperature rises to produce aroma, then enjoy the sauna time.
  • Beautiful Decor Set: Provides an intense and long fragrance experience. Extends the time of evaporation. Very high-quality workmanship – made from 100% soapstone. Can be easily integrated between the sauna stones. Can withstand even daily sauna sessions.

Stainless Steel Sauna Aroma Bowl

sauna egg


sauna egg


Why choose Bropool Sauna Accessories?

1. Sauna room necessary accessories, widely used in the traditional sauna or infrared sauna.

2. This sauna bowl can be hung on the top of the sauna stove, heating to make the essential oil emit fresh fragrance.

3. With a swing arm, place the sauna bowl over the sauna stone or infrared heater and swing as needed.

4. Exquisite workmanship, with fixed tool, simple installation, long-term use.

5. Made of high-quality spruce and stainless steel, durable, wear-resistant and long service life.

We support customization. Please share your ideas, and we’ll give solution to meet your needs.