Electric Heater Hot Tub

Cedar Electric Hot Tub

Enjoy the wood look with the convenience of an electric heater. Take a dip after a long day at work or in the afternoon on a cold day, just turn on the heater and enjoy. Our 6-person tub is the perfect size for families or vacation properties!

Cedar hot tubs with electric heat can add value to your home and improves the quality of life. These easy to install, pre-fabricated cedar hot tubs will save you money and time !


What are the advantages of electric hot tubs?

  • The electric heater will constantly support the set temperature, you have to set it on the thermostat.
  • The temperature is uniformly distributed all over the internal jacuzzi volume.
  • Easy to use.
  • There is not any noise, smoke or problems with neighbors!
Canadian lumber

Made from 100% Canadian red cedar which means longevity and great smell

Spacious interlor

Fits 4-8 so invite some friends

Embrace simplicity

Enjoy the wood look with the convenience of an electric heater

SPA treatment

Turn your home into a spa, you deserve some pampering

Hot Tubs
Relax and Recharge

Soak in the hot water after a long day and feel the relaxation wash over you

Backyard Oasis

Turn your backyard into a relaxing oasis, your house will be the envy of the neighbourhood

Hot Tubs
Built to Last

Designed for the outdoors and time tested by thousands of happy customers


Introduction of Electric Hot Tub Heater Kit

Our electric hot tub heating system is specifically designed for our cedar barrel hot tubs. This kit comes complete with everything you need to heat and clean your water. The heater comes with a full range thermostat so you can set the water to your ideal temperature.

This is a simple and user-friendly kit, without complicated bells and whistles. When all you need is hot and clean water, nothing beats our electric hot tub kits.

We provide plumbing unions for our heaters, pumps, and filters. 1-1/2″ Schedule 40 PVC pipe and fittings are not included and should be sourced locally.

The primary components of our electric hot tub system (the heater and circulation pump) are individually UL/CE listed. However, the Bropool’s electric hot tub heating system is not UL listed as a complete kit. We recommend checking your local codes prior to purchasing, as your locality may require that pool and hot tub equipment skids be UL listed as a complete unit.

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  1. HydroQuip HeatMax Heater
  2. Balboa Circulation pump
  3. Waterways 50 sq ft filter and catridge
  4. Len Gordon AS-TC-94 clock timer control unit

Electrical Configuration

The electrical set up for this heating system requires two separate breakers. If you buy a 5.5kw heater you will need a 40A breaker for the heater and a 20A breaker for the control and pump. If you buy a 11kw heater you will need a 60A breaker for the heater and 20A breaker for the control and pump. 

All our heaters (both 5.5kw and 11kw) run on 240v power. 

We support customization. Please share your ideas, and we’ll give solution to meet your needs.