Thermowood Cold Plunge Tub

This tub is built to replicate the Finnish tradition of jumping in the snow between sauna sessions. This plunge tub pairs well with any sauna or as a standalone.

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Cold Plunge Tub Health Benefits

Cold therapy has been shown to provide a large range of health benefits. By implementing cold therapy into your routine, you can lead a happier and healthier life. See for yourself why athletes and fitness gurus around the world are using cold therapy to perform at their peak.

Faster Recovery -Cold shocks decrease pain and reduce inflammation, so you can bounce back faster from hard training sessions or intense competitions.

Boosted Immune System – Cold exposure boosts T-cell counts, promoting a stronger immune system to fight off diseases.

Improved Mental Health – Regular cold therapy leads to better sleep. Sleep is a key factor in your mental performance and mood.

Relieves Stress – Reduced cortisol levels and increased dopamine levels after plunges mean you feel happier and lower stress.

All you need to do with this cold tub is fill it with cold water, and jump in to cool down and feel good!

Product Specifications

Seating Capacity1 person
Wood TypeScandanavian Thermowood
External Diameter37″
Side Wall Height40 ½”
Dry Weight250 lbs
Max Water Volume130 gallons
LinerHard plastic liner included
Heater TypeNone! Add ice to cool the water.
Electrical RequirementsNone!


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