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3 Person Infrared hot yoga sauna room

The Ultimate Fitness Infrared Sauna – Ideal Commercial Sauna NOW WITH RED LIGHT THERAPY (RLT) BOOSTING THE OVERAL BENEFITS OF USING A FAR INFRARED SAUNA. Group and Individual Training to Produce Explosive Health, Fitness and Therapy Goals Train 3-Simultaneously or Just One in Style Large…

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Hot yoga sauna is proud to offer the Catalonia which is wheelchair accessible and features the PureTech Ultra Low EMF FAR infrared heating panels. When the benches are removed, the sauna becomes a yoga studio. Constructed with the environment in mind, our saunas are made with reforested Canadian Hemlock planks that surpass industry standards, thus producing a quality sauna that retains heat more efficiently, heats up faster and uses less energy in the process.

Infrared Hot Yoga sauna benefits:

– Pain relief from Rheumatoid Arthritis

– Relaxing muscle spasms

– Increasing blood circulation

– Cardiovascular conditioning

– Clears rashes, acne

– Reduces cellulite

– Removes toxins and mineral waste

– Reduces stress and fatigue

– Enhances skin tone

The therapeutic heat of hot yoga helps loosen muscles, resulting in greater flexibility. Exercising in a heated environment is shown to increase your endurance and stamina. The heat is believed to improve your body’s production of Human Growth Hormone and heat shock proteins. These compounds lead to physical healing and enhanced muscle growth.

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This yoga sauna is Amazing

Portable wood wheelchair ramp

A durable 1:12 wheelchair ramp makes entering and exiting the sauna easy and safe

Big Capacity

3 (or more) Users can perform group workout routines.

Foldout Seating

2 foldout benches.

Therapeutic far infrared heater

Our exclusive True Wave combination carbon/ceramic low EMF/low ELF heaters Surround you in healing infrared heat

Product Paramenters

DimensionsWeight7′ W x 9′ D x 78.5″ H1875 Pounds
Capacity3 (or more) Users can perform group workout routines.
Foldout Seating3 foldout benches.
Adjustable TemperatureUp to – 140°F
Timer Setting0 to 6 Hours
Wood Material100% non-out gassing, non-toxic Solid Canadian Hemlock construction – toxin emission of less than .0005%. Zero irritants – Recommended and safe for people with asthma, allergies. Non Toxic Water Based Glues.
ConstructionPatented – Reinforced Walls provide up to 250 pounds per “D” ring tensile strength. FitBomb saunas are custom made with precision craftsmanship and strenuous attention to detail!
Heaters24 heaters: 12 Ceramic, 12 Carbon which emit 98% at the optimum 9.4 in the far infrared range on the micron scale. (Dual-Force) Heaters – the most powerful and effective combination – installed strategically for optimal heat where you need it – the FitBomb ceramic heaters are superior for human benefits – see proof: Contrary to erroneous internet claims; ceramic is slightly more effective at producing beneficial heat in the far infrared category
Glass Door36″ wide Sliding Tempered Thermal Smoked Glass Doors – ADA Compliant
Power Usage / AMPS220V / Dedicated Single Phase (requires electrician – direct connect)
Internal Lighting24 red (Red Light Therapy) lights + 14 white lights
Infrared Wave Lengths7 – 14 microns (um) 95 – 98% at 9.4
32” TV and SpeakersWi-Fi enabled touchscreen TV.
Interior FeaturesStretch Bar(s), Exhaust fans, “D” rings, (3) speed bags
WarrantyAll FitBomb owners enjoy an 18 month warranty on cabinets, 18 months on electronics.
* Extended Warrantees available
EMF(Electricalmagenetic Field)The EMF Measured on emitters of the FitBomb Far Infrared Saunas indicates one of the lowest in the industry: 2.47 mG.There is much conflicting evidence regarding the potential effects of high/low frequency EMFs. If interested in reading more: Click to review
NoteNote: Sauna specifications, including wood, cabinetry, color (due to natural variations in wood color and texture) are not guaranteed to have any specific appearance and sauna room is not responsible for slight color or finish variations. Colors, appearance and electronics are subject to change at any time.

Train 3-Simultaneously or Just One in Style

  • Large Screen Wifi TV
  • Stream 100’s of Workout Routines with the Best Trainers
  • Train Using Resistance Bands, Stretch bar, Chin-up bar, Speed Bags, Punching Bags, Bikes and as much as your imagination can dream up!

Hemlock, Red Cedar


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