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Luxury Indoor Steam Shower Sauna Room

Fine Print: Limit 2 per customer: Limited quantities avaliable. Any orders greater than 2 will automatically be refunded.

Warranty: All of our saunas come with a 3 year warranty included FREE.

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Designed with the most discerning tastes in mind the Bropool Select seamlessly combines elegant design with the most robust suite of steam shower-Sauna features on the market today. This luxurious walk-in steam shower/sauna features the latest in Infrared sauna heat, a touch screen control panel, dual sided door access, Vitamin shower, FM radio, Wireless media center (Stream your favorite songs, shows, and sporting events wirelessly using your iPod, phone, mp3 device, etc.), 4.5kw steam generator with self-cleaning function, 16”x16” overhead LED rainfall shower with chromatherapy lighting, hydro-massage Jets, brass fixtures, and much more!


Canadian cedar wood
Voltage can be customized
8mm tempered glass
2-3 people
Sauna Room body and Bench
Tempered Glass(8MM)
1 set
HARVIA Sauna Stove
1 set
Wood Frame around Sauna stove
1 pc
HARVIA Sand glass
1 pc
HARVIA hygrothermograph
1 pc
HARVIA sauna wood vat
1 pc
HARVIA sauna wood spoon
1 pc
HARVIA sauna stone
1 box
LED lights
1 batch
LED Strip Light
2 pc
LED control system
1 set
stainless handle(inside is wood)
1 set
Stainless steel hinge
1 set
Sauna floor
1 set
Polythene+Cardboard Boxes+Foam Plastic+Wooden Case
25 days after deposit received, shipment by sea

Product Features

Computer Control Panel :

This new digital control panel is both stylish and user friendly. With the touch of a button you can control the Steam, Sauna, lighting, temperature, radio, acupuncture jets, and more!

Acupuncture Massage Jets :
1 upper body , 1middle body, and 1 lower body massage jets pinpoint and tenderize channels and subsidiary channels along the shape of your back. Sequential, positionable hydro massage water jets with a contemporary modern design to bring just the right touch to relieve aches and pains.
Overhead 16″ Rainfall Shower :
Also known as a rain fall shower, the shower head measures 16 inches in diameter to provide an invigorating shower experience that could be likened to standing out in a fresh rain fall.
Chroma Therapy Lighting :
Chroma Therapy and Aroma Therapy have been recognized for centuries as having profound healing effects. The colors we surround ourselves with and the essential oils we anoint ourselves can help stimulate, relax, empower or even waken us.

You simply place solid or liquid aromatherapy scents or specialty medicines inside the Steam Shower Unit’s steam box during use for wellness benefits, extra comfort, and additional relaxation.
Ventilation Fan :
The ventilation fan provides fresh air while the steam generator is working and expels the germ filled air after each use.
Steam Outlet : A robust steam generator heats up in a matter of minutes to provide a divine steam shower experience. From the digital control panel you have the option of setting a time limit or temperature limit for automatic shut off of the steam generator.
Handheld Shower On Slide Rail :
The elevated handheld shower is assembled on the support of the sliding bar which can move up and down based on your height. This showerhead can easily detach from the slide rail to enable handheld showering in addition to the overhead shower.
Radio and Speaker :
This fully programmable FM radio with memory function allows you to tune into your favorite stations or browse across the radio dial while enjoying your relaxing steam shower.
Hinged Door : Two doors provide convenient access.
Temperature Detection:
The temperature sensor calculates the current reading in the steam shower instantaneously so you can adjust the steam setting to fit your personal preference.
Infrared Sauna:
An infrared sauna uses Infrared heaters to emit infrared radiant heat which is absorbed by the surface of the skin. Traditional saunas heat the body primary by conduction and convection making infrared the choice for soothing aching muscles.
Door Handle : Two chrome door handles.


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