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Outdoor cube sauna room with front porch

A twist on the classic design, this beautiful cedar sauna is the perfect choice foranyone who wants a little extra headroom. Relax and enjoy the smell of the Canadian cedar waft through the sauna. Add a cube sauna to your backyard today.

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A modern outdoor cube sauna room

The Sauna room is made from the highest quality FSC-certified Knotty Red Cedar. This makes the sauna durable and maintenance-free. The Sauna room has a high and detailed finish with a modern design, including a veranda to relax after a sauna session.

The square barrel sauna is a traditional steam barrel sauna. The barrel design is practical, sturdy, stylish, and allows for maximum heat circulation. In a barrel-shaped sauna, the heat gets circulated back down along the curved walls instead of pooling near the top, this creates a constant flow of evenly distributed heat throughout the sauna. The sauna is constructed using rustic cedar, rustic fir, or clear cedar. The lumber is thick and insulating, making it the perfect sauna for outdoor (or indoor) use.

The Sauna Room comes with:

√ Red Cedar roofing, weatherboard,
√ rounded roof finish,
√ Sauna benches in floor arrangement, luxuriously rounded incl,
√ Two Red Cedar headrests, √ closed floor,
√ adjustable ventilation grille, √ Wooden door with (tinted) window,
√ 2 windows in the front wall (tinted),
√ Red Cedar coat rack.





Wood Option




1-2 Person

Hemlock/Red cedar




2-3 Person

Hemlock/Red cedar




4-5 Person

Hemlock/Red cedar




6-8 Person

Hemlock/Red cedar


Barrel Square Sauna

Due to the round shape of the sauna barrel, the heat circulates very easily and no empty corners need to be heated, so the sauna barrel is quickly up to temperature (about 80 degrees after 30 minutes).

How is the sauna heated?

You can choose between a traditional wood burning sauna stove or an electric sauna heater to heat the sauna. Outdoor saunas generally choose Harvia heater. Harvia are known worldwide for its robust, stable and durable sauna heaters.

what kind of surface can the sauna barrel be placed on?

The outdoor sauna can be placed almost anywhere. Preference is given to a paved surface such as paving stones or clinker bricks. It is important that the surface is completely flat. The foundation of a sauna should be placed on a flat surface, preferably a floor of stone or concrete.

How to adjust the temperature of the sauna room?

Electric sauna heater with timer and thermostat. The temperature can be adjusted as needed using the thermostat switch.
With a wood burning stove, you can adjust the temperature of a wood-burning sauna by changing the oxygen supply to the sauna heater. The temperature also depends on the amount of wood in the stove.


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