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Outdoor Nordic Spruce 2-4 Person Sauna Cabin

A twist on the classic design, this beautiful cedar sauna is the perfect choice foranyone who wants a little extra headroom. Relax and enjoy the smell of the Canadian cedar waft through the sauna. Add a cube sauna to your backyard today.

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Outdoor Nordic Spruce 2-4 Person Sauna Cabin


The Higi Sauna sauna has a classic beauty in its elegant simplicity. Our Garden sauna are constructed with tongue and groove 44mm staves. This interlocking system allows the wood to expand and contract naturally, and to form a tight seal. Not only is our Higi sauna lovely to look at, their design is incredibly energy efficient and helps to distribute the heat evenly throughout the interior.

Scandinavian Spruce 

Spruce is a great choice for any kind of sauna. The quality rustic look (with small tight knots) is very traditional and beautiful with its unique wood grain. Spruce sauna wood is popular for use in Finland and European traditional saunas. When kept outside, Spruce should be stained or painted (similar to a deck or garden shed) to keep it in top condition and ensure you can continue enjoy your Garden Sauna for many years to come!

Spruce’s Characteristics & Qualities

Spruce has a fresh scent and a pleasant light color, and it is a soft wood and thus is pleasant to the touch inside the sauna. Some of the characteristics and qualities that make Spruce such a popular specie includes:

Lighter Color – The most common difference between Spruce and other sauna woods is the color. The lighter wood gives the sauna a cleaner, more spacious feel, and a contemporary look. The lighter wood has the desired feeling of spaciousness, helping to dispel a sense of closeness.

Less Discoloration – Stain resistance is another Spruce advantage. Darker wood can discolor quite quickly in a sauna environment, turning gray or even black. With only normal cleaning (occasionally wipe down with a mild detergent and water), Spruce will stay much the same as its original color and condition.

Sustainably Sourced – Spruce has been classified by the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species as being at the “least concern” level.

Proven Quality – Traditionally, saunas built in Scandinavia, the birthplace of sauna, use Spruce. In Europe, the vast majority of saunas are constructed out of Spruce. Spruce is a proven choice that has a long track record of creating beautiful saunas and makes an excellent building material for your garden oasis. Cedar and other lumber types are typically only used in the U.S. due to their availability.


  • Pre-cut and grooved Spruce lumber
  • 1.7″ wall thickness
  • Outside Dimensions 114″L x 89″ W x 84″H & 97H 
  • Inside Dimensions 79″L x 79″ W x 79″H
  • Tempered glass side window and 2 x front windows
  • Wooden door with round glass window
  • Slanted roof with small overhang on the door
  • Wooden heater guard
  • 2 flat bleacher-style sauna benches
  • Choose from one our wood burning or electric heaters


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