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Outdoor sauna and steam pods

A twist on the classic design, this beautiful cedar sauna is the perfect choice foranyone who wants a little extra headroom. Relax and enjoy the smell of the Canadian cedar waft through the sauna. Add a cube sauna to your backyard today.

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A modern Outdoor sauna and steam pods

A sauna Pod is an outdoor triangular shaped sauna with two benches and sauna heater. With this unique form the sauna Pod fits perfectly in any garden. Sauna Pods have better heat circulation than classic saunas. Compared with the box-shaped saunas, triangular-shaped saunas have 15% reduced heating zone. Therefore a sauna Pod is ready to use much faster and you need less electricity or firewood. Usually our sauna Pods are delivered fully assembled, but if you do not have a direct access to your garden, we can deliver the Pod as a kit and assemble it at your place. Follow the latest trend and choose a sauna Pod that will seamlessly integrate into your garden.



The length of sauna Pod can be 2 to 6 meters, with a width of 2,4 meters and a height of 2,5 meters. There are two benches inside where 4-8 adults can sit comfortably. The sauna Pod can be fully equipped according to your requirements. It can be heated with firewood or an electric heater. A wood fired heater will give you the best feeling of a real Finnish sauna.

All our wooden sauna Pods are tailor made according to your order. Bellow you will find few possible sauna models. Distribution of internal sauna space is optional and can be modified according to your requirements. Please note that sauna with terrace has more pleasant look than without it. Our all time bestseller is model 4.3.


The sauna Pod will arrive at your home fully assembled and equipped with:

  • Spruce, larch or Thermowood cabin (wall thickness 45 mm)
  • Bitumen roof (black, brown, green or red)
  • Front door with windows
  • Two windows on the back wall
  • Sauna room door from tempered glass (for saunas with changing room)
  • Wooden benches in sauna room, changing room and open terrace
  • Ventilation flap
  • Wood fired heater with chimney and rain cap or electrical heater (additional cost)
  • Floor, wall and roof heat protection
  • Sauna stones for the heater
  • Your chosen optional extras


Sauna Pods from FOREST SPA can be made from 3 wood types:

  • Siberian Spruce;
  • Thermowood.

The timber used forour saunas is imported from Siberia or Finland; the wood grows slowly in the cold climate and is much thicker and more resilient than timber grown in the warmer areas of Europe. This type of wood is very durable, weather resistant and also gives a pleasant aroma. Our saunas can be treated with linseed oil or paint to seal and protect the wood from moisture and dirt.

Spruce is white coloured, light, soft, flexible and naturally good looking. It is one of the strongest types of timber and is imported from Siberia. Spruce is the cheapest option but it is susceptible to rot therefore must be regularly treated and sealed. In order to make a sauna more durable it is necessary to impregnate the outside surface of the sauna at least once a year. If you do so you will be able to use a spruce sauna for 15-20 years.

Termowood (Wikipedia) is darker than natural wood, more weather-proof and more resistant to rot. Its insulation qualities are better, it suffers from less moisture deformation and is more stable. The manufacturing process of Thermowood is based on the use of high temperature and steam. No chemicals are used in its production.  The production process improves the dimensional stability and biological durability of the wood. Another improvement is in the insulation properties of the final material.  Thermally treated wood swells and shrinks about a quarter less than untreated wood. Therefore Termowood is excellent for exterior saunas, you will be able to use a Termowood sauna for 25-30 years.

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