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4 Person Thermowood Barrel Sauna Room

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Thermo wood barrel sauna room | 4 persons

This thermowood barrel Sauna room will be a perfect getaway from the outside rush, even if it is placed in your backyard. As a larger version of a barrel sauna, this will be a perfect fit for 4-6 people. Whether it’s your family, your best friends or colleagues – we are sure you will have your best time. Thanks to the extra space for changing room, you will enjoy the highest level of comfort.

Take your time and get ready for your perfect sauna ritual. Now our barrel sauna has thicker walls and better stability thanks to the 42 mm Nordic Thermo Spruce. Thermowood has lighter weight of the material comparing to traditionally treated wood, as well as structural advantages makes it easier to transport and install.

Thermal-wood Construction 

Thermowood is created by heat treating Scandinavian softwood to temperatures ranging from 180 – 230° in special chamber kilns for up to 96 hours. Steam is used as a protective gas and helps to prevent the wood from splitting and becoming damaged during treatment.

Thermowood’s Characteristics & Qualities

This process causes chemical and structural changes to occur within the timber, which therefore alters some of its characteristics and qualities. Some of the characteristics and qualities that make Thermowood such a popular specie includes:

Dimensionally Stable – The intensive heat the wood is exposed to during its production dries out deep into the core, causing all moisture and resin to be removed from the timber. Thermowood therefore doesn’t react to changes in humidity as drastically as untreated wood (the risk of swelling, cracking and shrinkage is decreased), allowing it to retain its shape far better. The wood also doesn’t secrete sap or resin even in high temperatures.

Environemntally Friendly – The softwood used to produce Thermowood originates from well-managed, PEFC-certified forests, and as no chemicals or foreign substances are involved during its production, Thermowood is an environmentally friendly material produced by using only natural methods.

Resistance to Rot and Fungi – Due to the heating process breaking down hemicellulose, the wood doesn’t contain the appropriate nutrients to allow rot and fungi to grow and develop.

Increased Longevity – When wood is treated with heat, its average life span is prolonged meaning your sauna will last a lifetime!

Improved Insulation – Wood that has been heat treated is much more porous than untreated wood, vastly improving its insulating properties.


All our sauna kits are designed with the DIY customer in mind. Most cedar barrel saunas can be assembled by two people with basic handyperson skills in 3-4 hours. Our thermowood barrel saunas have a more complex assembly process due to the full glass front window and stadium steading. These saunas can certainly be assembled by a non-professional, however, the level of DIY skill required is higher and the woodworking involved is more complex. As a result, the build time for thermowood saunas is longer and customers without DIY experience may struggle at some points during the build.



  • See diagram below for dimensions and weight
  • Capacity: 3-4 people
  • Heater: Electrical
  • Material: Spruce interior (benches etc), thermowood exterior
  • Full glass front wall
  • Accessories such as bucket, ladle, sand timer, etc. are not included with this model. Redwood Outdoors offers a variety of accessories, check our Sauna Accessory page or talk to a product expert for details


  • Capacity: 2-3 people
  • Weight: 400kg
  • Material: Hemlock /  Red Cedar
  • Full Circular 8 mm tempered Glass Front allowing users to enjoy a spectacular view
  • Full Width 2 level benches & 1 length bottom bench.
  • Unique interior design.
  • Compact & Spacious interior

Carefully handcrafted by the most gifted woodworkers in Bropool, the 2-3 Person Outdoor Barrel Sauna has been engineered in a unique way allowing its users to enjoy the sauna while admiring a beautiful landscape from the tinted full glass front.

Compact & spacious, our Outdoor Barrel can sit up to 3 people comfortably and can be placed in any backyard or scenic location. Complement your pool & garden with this beautiful piece of art and create the most soothing environment at home.

No need to worry if electricity is an issue for you as you have the option of a traditional wood burning stove as well. Which not only gives you the authentic traditional experience of Finnish sauna but also produces more heat than an electric one.


Sauna Heater: Harvia 6kw Electric
Wood Type: Thermowood
Product Type: Panorama Sauna
Wood Stove Option: No
Crosslink__Extra-Wide Thermowood Barrel Sauna: /products/extra-wide-thermowood-barrel-sauna-6-person/
Crosslink__Thermowood Panorama Sauna – 6 Person: /products/thermowood-panorama-sauna-6-person/
Specs__Seating Capacity: 3 – 4 people depending on the seating arrangement as well as the size and proximity of the bathers
Specs__Wood Type: Scandanavian Thermowood
Specs__Exterior Dimensions: 63” L x 82 ¾” W x 82 ¾” H
Specs__Weight: 1,400 lbs
Specs__Accessories Included: Accessories are not included. Redwood Outdoors offers a variety of accessories, check our Sauna Accessory page or talk to a product expert for details
Specs__Door: Tempered glass door included
Specs__Porch: Not included
Specs__Number of Cradles: 2
Specs__Heater: 6kW Harvia KIP electric or 8kW Harvia KIP electric
Specs__Electrical Requirements: 240V for heater
Shipping__Shipping Format: Wooden crate
Shipping__Shipping Dimensions: 80 ¾” L x 47 ¼” W x 30 ¾” H
Brief Description: Constructed from Thermowood, this sauna is the perfect choice if you need a small footprint or a great view. The sauna is designed with traditional Finnish 2 level seating, so you can cycle between high and low heat.
Icon: Deep Relaxation


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