Luxury Traditional Steam Sauna Room

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What are the health benefits of sitting in a sauna?

What are the health benefits of sitting in a sauna?
The effects of heat are the same whether it’s dry or moist, This means you’ll still get the same benefits whether you sweat it out in a steam sauna room.

Research on the use of dry saunas has shown that they can provide these benefits.

1. Improved circulation

Sitting in a sauna is almost like walking on a treadmill at a regular pace, Because of the heat, your heart has to pump harder to circulate your blood, which means you’re getting some cardio benefits even though all you’re doing is sitting in the heat. (Keep in mind, though, it’s still no replacement for exercise, which has tons of other body-benefits.)

2. Lowered blood pressure
Spending time in a sauna can lower your blood pressure, but you wouldn’t want to go into a sauna if you have uncontrolled blood pressure.

In fact, people can see improved cardiovascular health from sauna use. Research shows that people who regularly use a sauna (at least four times a week for 20 minutes) have a significantly lower risk of heart attack, stroke, and dementia, notes Dr. Parikh.

3. Stress relief
Sauna bathing is a regular part of Scandinavian culture, and is viewed as a way to destress and relax.

4. Glowy skin
Using a sauna can benefit your overall skin health, as it’s bringing blood flow to the surface of your skin before you start sweating.


5. Reduced joint stiffness and muscle soreness
Using a sauna is beneficial for workout recovery, as it’s going to result in loosening up any tense muscles after a workout.

6. Stronger immune system
Using a sauna isn’t directly tied to better immunity, but if you associate sauna bathing with relaxation, it can reduce stress, which can impair your immune system’s function. Sauna usage has also been shown to decrease circulating levels of inflammatory markers, which mess with your immune system response too.

7. Better mood
Some studies show that sauna sessions can lift your mood, which could, again, be tied to the relaxation factor. However, men in Finland who regularly used a sauna had a decreased risk of psychosis, according to one study, and sauna usage can reduce the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, another study showed.

Standard Configuration:

1. Control Panel(FM &MP3+USB+BLUETOOTH)
2. Double Speaker
3.Oxygen Ionizer
4.Temperature Sensor
5. Stove Heater
6.Explosion-proof volcanic stone
7. Wooden bucket, Scoop
8. Sandglass,Hygrothermograph
9. Reading Light+ 7 Color therapy lamp+Light belt
10. Crystal Door Handle
11. 8mm Transparent tempered glass
12. Mosaic cultured stones for wall decor


Hemlock, Red Cedar


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